Posted by: marcycalabrese | September 8, 2011

Take It From A Kid

Am I going after my “why” without any hesitations?

We know what we want and it is our “why” that allows us to meet it with hard work..sometimes we don’t. The “why” has to be a driving force.

My son wants to play college football.

I took my son to the park today so he could practice his quarterback drills. As I watched him, ( I truly enjoy watching him play football), I thought, he knows his “why”- why he wants to play college football.

He loves playing it, and it’s a dream, something he wants to do. and I’m sure he will. His mind hasn’t told him otherwise, so he’s counting on the result.

Do you know why?

The kids are on to something!

I admire that in children, they know what they want and they go and get it! Chances are, children have not had adversities in their short lives….at least anything that would keep them from pursuing their dream- none of that “head stuff” to keep them from going after what they want- no fear of failure, and no “what if’?” and “what will people say?”.

I believe it is great for a child to have not had those experiences yet  and just go after their dreams with reckless abandonment.

We adults should too. Take it from a kid-  know “why” you want it and just go do it, and don’t let the “head stuff” get in the way!


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