Posted by: marcycalabrese | October 17, 2011

Attraction Marketing, Become a Leader

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We all prefer to buy from and work with people we like, trust, and respect, AND whose opinions we value.

That is the basis forAttraction Marketing.

You can pursue, or you can be pursued- which do you prefer?

So how do you get  people to contact and pursue you? What makes a person attractive to others? Why do people become famous? Why does everyone want to work with leaders in a company?

The  answer is based on human psychology…Attraction is not a choice.

By nature people thrive and live in social groups. They follow a leader until enough experience is gained to form their own group. The leader was typically the dominate one physically and mentally. The instinct is still used today, but the value of the leader is now perceived through other abilities such as sociability, business knowledge,  and monetary means.

We are hard-wired to find other people attractive or un-attractive based on their level of value they have to offer,  because we gain a part of their value/power through association.

Take rock stars, the groupies gain social status through their association with the star, making them more attractive to others just by being around them.

1.) People have a subconscious attraction to others who convey leadership qualities and a high level of personal value.

2.) If you want to make it big in networking, you must learn to convey those qualities and become a leader with value to offer others.

People do not join a business, they join YOU!


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