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West Palm Beach

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My name is Marcy Calabrese and I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am an Internet Marketer assisting  people to realise their dreams. I give marketing tips and inspirational ideas.

 I am married,  have a 14 year old son, 2 dogs, and 3 cats,  and I enjoy them all! I am passionate about animals, football, self improvement, and raising my son, Jake.

I love to travel and spend summers in Colorado. A dream of mine is to own a home in the Colorado Rockies. I love to give to animal charities and volunteer my time. I have a passion to help, people and animals!

I have been a lifeguard, flight attendant, floral designer, customer service agent, and a cafeteria manager for a school, whew!  Not only was I all of those occupations, I was  also trying out the MLM business opportunities, many times with no success. I am just not into “bothering” people, that’s how it made me feel. No, not for me.

I went to meetings, called my friends and family, put flyers on car windows, made appointments and they didn’t show. I went broke just to stay afloat and still didn’t make one thin dime!

My wish was always to work from home, have freedom of choice- how I spend my time and be my own “boss”. A job keeps you “just above broke”.

As I was searching for marketing  ideas one day (in my last opportunity), I came across Lena. WOW, I found something that made total sense to me and I felt it would  help me onto to my success. I found real people, real education, real coaching, and real hope of having success! No more MLM, no more “bothering” people! I am on to something here.

Now,  I’m here to help you realise your dreams and inspire you to get them.

I am  real excited to be on this journey and I am anticipating great things! I can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned!

To Success,



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